Going to College? Need Laundry Service, Cleaning Service, or Grocery Delivery?

Start your college career the right way by focusing on academics and leave the chores to Dorm Mom. Visit us at www.dormmom.com  to find out more information about our services or call toll free at 1-877-478-5332.

Most first year students find it difficult getting adjusted to college because there is so much thrown at them and they are stressed for time - having to deal with homework, research, athletics, chores, etc. This is where we come in to lighten the burden by doing the chores.

We specialize in laundry services, apartment cleaning, and grocery delivery. These services are designed to fit the student busy schedule.

Our laundry service is a pickup and delivery service where we will come to students residence – dorm or off campus apartment to pick up their laundry once a week. We will have it washed, dried, neatly folder, and returned within 48 hours or less.

The apartment cleaning service allows students to inhabit a clean, healthy living and study environment. Our 21 point cleaning checklist will leave student dorm room or apartment sparkling clean every time.

Our grocery delivery service allows students to shop online for an array of nonperishable items and have it shipped right to their door.

Dorm Mom services, especially laundry and apartment cleaning are very important for first year students. Our services help students get better grades in school along with providing students a better college experience. Most importantly, students can cancel the service and get a refund of the unused portion if they no longer need or want the service.


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