Sunday, January 6, 2008


Spring is the season of growth. The time of the year where plants begin to grow or flower blossom to beautify communities. Spring sprout is especially true for college students. It symbolizes the beginning of a new semester classes, maturation of students- especially freshman(s), more responsibility, and less time to juggle personal life and academics.

Most college students find it extremely difficult to deal with new life challenges coupled with academics. There is little or no time available for homework much less sleep or cleaning. This leads to high stress levels and increase dropout rate among Americas collegiate institutions. In certain instances, the demand becomes so harsh that some resort to suicide.

However, there is great news for students at Drexel, Temple, and Purdue University. Dorm Mom, the company that brings you laundry services, apartment cleaning, grocery delivery, dry cleaning, water deliver, etc. will extend services to these universities. Beginning Spring Semester 2008, Dorm Mom will offer its full services at these universities in addition to . Student can sign up anytime and full services will begin January 15th 2008.

Dorm Mom realize the growing need for time among college students and busy professional and has thus created services to alleviate burden and stress. Dorm Mom services help free up time so college students and busy professional can concentrate on daunting tasks. Dorm Mom is here to help any and everyone accomplish the most out of each day.

Dorm Mom has services at over 1800 colleges and universities across the United States.

Most schools carry Dorm Mom services, but a select few now carry the full array of services - grocery delivery, laundry service, apartment cleaning, dry cleaning services, water delivery, and end of the semester shipping and storage.

Dorm Mom also provides full services to communities around college campuses where we provide services at..

In order to find out what services are available in your school or community, please visit their website at or call toll at 1-877-478-5332

Friday, January 4, 2008


Dorm Mom kicked off the fall 2007 with the need to provide better personal services to college students, so that they can concentrate on what matters most - academics. Dorm Mom provides laundry services, apartment cleaning, grocery delivery, dry cleaning, water delivery, etc. These services are also available to busy professional and the community as a whole.

Dorm Mom upholds customer satisfaction as its utter most importance and this has worked out really well. During the fall 2007 semester many clients were extremely delighted at the services. When asked about the service(s), there seem to be only one answer: "It's great". When also asked what can we do to better serve you, again, most replied, "everything is good".

Despite the positive responses, Dorm Mom continued to work hard on improving its good customer service. Some of the key things students enjoyed is the fact that Dorm Mom is very flexible. They could call anytime and have their schedule(s) synchronize with Dorm Mom's. Most importantly they almost always talk to a customer service representative and their questions are answered with hast.