Surviving The "Roommate Situation"

Most teenagers no longer have to share a room with a sibling. Statistically the number of bedrooms in a new house has increased while the number of children a family has, has decreased throughout the years. When you graduate high school and head to college there are a lot of things that take getting used to, but the potentially hardest thing to navigate? The roommate situation. You move into the dorms and have no idea who you are paired with. What if they are messy? What if they are a clean freak? What if they blast music at all hours of the day and night? Fear not! Here are some tips for making the most of your years with a roomie.
 1. Set expectations up front. Nobody likes being the party pooper, especially on the first day – but set your expectations immediately so there are no surprises. If both of you are on the same page from day one then you are less likely to have cause for frustration down the road.
2. Be understanding and considerate. I’m not saying that you have to be okay wi…

Best advice for high school seniors

1. College is fun but also requires work. Sure, you may get to party as much as you would like because mom and dad aren’t around. Sure, you may get the chance to sleep in as long as you want without your parents banging on the door to wake you up. Nonetheless, the truth is that for you to succeed in college, you are going to have to step up your responsibility game than when you were at home. College can be fun, but you will have to stay on task and remember why you went to school in the first place-to learn.
2. You’ll lose some and gain some: Talking about friends. Something you will learn in college is that you are going to make friends and lose friends. It is very important to know your self-worth; how valuable you are and how uniquely crafted you are. Everyone has something about them to bring to the table so don’t get bent over when you lose friends. Do understand that some people are in your life for a reason and short period to help you one way or another. If people show you who t…

4 Amazing tips on caring for your bathing suit this summer

1.Rinse After Each Use After wearing your bathing suit to beach, pool or even if you were just out in sun getting those awesome tan lines, immediately after use be sure to rinse it out with just cold water and avoid the use of detergent each time.
2.Dry Indoors Yes, drying your bathing suit indoors or in an area away from the sun is the best way to save the look of your bathing suit. When you dry your bathing suit in the sun, you stand the chance of your amazing bathing suit color fading and the fabric deteriorating.
3.Use Detergent Occasionally Using detergent only after wearing your suit a few times will help to also keep the texture and look of your bathing suit. Use a very small amount of detergent to wash. Apply just a small tablespoon-like amount of detergent designed for delicates with water when washing.
4.Do Not Wring Out Your Swimsuit
There might be that instinct to want to squeeze the water out of your bathing suit to ensure it dries faster, doing this will cause your swim…

To Launder Or Not, That is the Question

To Launder Or Not, That is the Question Wouldn’t it be nice if after you wore your clothing you just stuck it in a basket with the rest of your dirty stuff, only to have someone else come sort, wash, dry and fold everything for you? Well surprise, this is ACTUALLY a thing! When you think of laundry services, you probably just think about sending in those dry clean only items. However, the laundry world is changing and now these services aren’t just for your Sunday best – they are for your band t-shirts too!  Remember that story about my old roommate, Susie? Had college laundry services been available back then – I would have suggested it to her! However, laundry services are not just beneficial for someone who doesn’t know how to do laundry. It’s actually really great for ANY college student and here’s why! Time. You have SO much to do while you are away at school and everyone knows that between the washing, drying, ironing and folding it can steal an entire day. That day could be bette…

Susie's College Story

This is a Story of a Girl Named Susie. When I was in college I had a roommate, we will call her Susie. Susie had come to college from her parent’s home where her mom did all of her laundry for the past 18 years. Susie didn’t think it would be difficult to throw some clothes in the wash, put in some detergent and clean her own clothes when she went away to school so she never took the time to learn to wash correctly. After all, how hard could it be?
The first time Susie did her own laundry she turned her clothes pink. Apparently if you throw new, colored clothing in the washer with whites the dye in the fabric could leak and get into your other clothing. Who knew? Susie sure didn’t! The second time she attempted her laundry it was a success…but Susie forgot to get them out of the dryer quick enough and someone else in the dorm needed the dryer. Susie’s clean, semi-pink from the previous wash clothes were put in the floor. As people came in and out of the shared laundry space, her clothi…

Keeping Organized in Small Spaces

Keeping Organized in Small Spaces It’s no surprise that dorm rooms aren’t the biggest; couple that with the fact you are sharing your space and having to fit your entire life into one room and it can be downright small. Just because there isn’t a ton of extra storage doesn’t mean that you can’t keep things organized. Check out these hacks to make life in small spaces much more bearable!

Add a rug and curtains to break up your space. A lot of students forget the basics when decorating their dorms. Rugs and curtains are cute and make any space feel more like home. They also help to break up your dorm and make it feel like more than one big room. Utilize wall space. Hang some shelves and get some cute baskets from the dollar store to store smaller items in. When you group smaller items together and put them in a basket it makes the room feel less cluttered. Keeping these things off the floor and up on the wall gives you extra floor space. Use curtain rods to hang your tank tops. You will …

10 Best Dorm Room Hacks (Number 4 Saved My Life!)

10 Best Dorm Room Hacks (Number 4 Saved My Life!)
Anyone that has ever spent time at any university can tell you that dorm life is not for the weak. Between school work, student life, being away from the comfort of home, finding a new social circle, choosing a major, and being as frugal as possible to avoid asking your parents to put money in your account for the third time this week, students have enough stress to deal with. A peaceful, clean, organized, and homey dorm room can make all of the difference between having a great university experience and eagerly awaiting your four years to be over.
While a dorm room by itself doesn’t seem like the ideal space to call “home” for the majority of the year, here are 10 of the BEST hacks to create a one-of-a-kind space that your peer will be green with envy over.

10. Change The Lighting: Add a lamp, string some fairy lights, or even buy a Himalayan Sea-Salt light (which is known to create a stress-free environment) to steer away from that h…