Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dorm Mom Helps Hurricane Ike's Relief Effort

Dorm Mom has been contracted to help with hurricane Ike relief effort around the Galveston and Houston areas in Texas.

Dorm Mom will be providing its signature laundry services to relief workers that are helping the victims of hurricane Ike in the wake of the devastation that wrecked havoc on the gulf coast. As relief workers are working hard to get the cities back to life and people back to their homes, Dorm Mom will be doing their laundry and helping with clean-up efforts.

Doing Laundry in the Dormitory

When I started college, I never gave much thought to how I would do my laundry as my mom did them all the time. Doing laundry does not look too complicated but doing it right is not easy. There was a laundry room couple doors down the hall in McNair hall. It had 1 washer and a dryer but there were over 60 students on the floor. The ground floor or basement had about 15 washers and dryers. That's not bad at all but there are over 256 students in the building. To do my laundry, I have to wait for when a washer is available.

It takes about 45 minutes for the wash to complete. I had to make sure I was back on time or somone looking to wash could dump my stuff out getting it all dirty again. Seperating the colors was a hassel and the wait was exhausting. I usually take a book to read while waiting - an excellent way to pass time. If I am lucky, there maybe a dryer available as soon as I am done. If none is available, I have to wait and listen for the next completion beep. The most annoying thing about the laundry rooms in the dorms is students who leave their stuff in the washer and/or dryer and slow everyone else down. A good tip is to leave your basket by the washer or dryer if you don't want your cloths in the dumpster. Drying takes longer...about 30 more than washing. If you let your cloths sit in the dryer for more than 30 mins after it stops, you make be walking around in a tide of wrinkles. Best practice is fold or hang your cloths as soon as the dryer beep goes off. That would save you a lot of ironing time. I hate folding my cloths. It takes a lot of time and needs to be done right.

If dorm mom was at my college, I would have definately used them. Apart from the time savings, you won't be ruining your cloths or getting scared of it been stolen from the dorm laundry room.

Michigan Tech Graduate
Class of 2005

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Laundry service for all College Students

Why would I want a laundry service, apartment cleaning or grocery delivery while in college? Does it signify laziness, inability to take on responsibility, elitism, or just another outsourced labor. Doing your laundry yourself does not make you a better person, it does not make you more resposible than those who outsource that labor.

There is uneducated reasoning that most people believe: having Dorm Mom do your laundry makes you irresposible. That is very ignorant because the fact that I eat out does not make me a bad cook. There is nothing different between paying someone to bring you food and paying someone to do your laundry. Doing laundry is not a skill needed to be successful in life. Having Dorm Mom do your laundry will actually help you do better than others that spend hours in the laundry room weekly. Time spent outside the laundry room can be chanelled into more productive ventures.

To be continued...