Friday, April 17, 2009

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Dorm Mom just opened a Twitter account at Follow us to get updates on what's going on with the Dorm Mom Service Team (Head Office) every step of the way.

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Visitors to Dorm Mom's website can now bring their Facebook account, privacy settings and friends with them. You can link your Dorm Mom account to your facebook profile, enabling you to review and comment on services you received from Dorm Mom.

To connect with Dorm Mom click on the Facebook button at the top of the our webpage as shown below and login using your facebook account. If you are already signed into Facebook, we will automatically log you in.

One big advantage for most students that would like to make an extra money is our referral program. Post enough comments and information about Dorm Mom to your Facebook profile directly from and allow friends to follow you. When they sign up, we will pay you for each friend that finds Dorm Mom through your Facebook profile.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Doing Laundry in College

Doing laundry is not a life-skill that is necessary for survival and paying a college service provider like Dorm Mom to do your laundry is well worth it.

Most college dorms have laundry rooms on each floor, ground floor or in suites. They are usually very convinient, accessible and reliable. Some are coin operated and others are free to residents. Some colleges require the use of a charge card for payments. You swipe your card and release the washer and/or dryer for use. The cost of doing laundry in college is definately not much but it takes a lot more than just that to get the job done.

Most incoming freshmen have never done laundry in their life and a lot of students are too busy to do laundry on a weekly basis. While the university provides the convinience, most students do not always do their laundry. An entire house in a dorm can stink up just because a guy down the hall has laundry piled up to the door even though the laundry room is only down the hall. A guy in my hall was opposite the laundry room but never did his laundry. He was nick-named "stinky" - not very nice but that was what everyone called him.

Not doing your laundry correctly will not only stink up your room/hall but will also ruin expensive clothing. There are students that wash but do not dry the cloths enough; or wash and leave stuff in the washer for days. You put stuff in the washer, get busy doing something else and forget your laundry for hours or days.

This has happened to me many times. If the clothes are left too long, then Mildew starts to grow. No matter how many times you wash the clothes, the smell stays. Mildew is a mold or mirco-organism. This just happened to my favorite pair of jeans. I threw them in a large pot on the stove and boiled the jeans for 5 minutes to kill the mold. Results - NO MORE SMELL!! And fortunately, they didn't shrink!

When someone else comes around to do laundry, they will throw your stuff out; there was a case where some guy found his laundry in the trash can in the laundry room just because it was in the way of someone else. A new trend in some college campuses is the ability to monitor your laundry online for when it's done, etc. It's not very popular but a handful of colleges have adopted that technology.

Doing laundry is not a life-skill that is necessary for survival and paying a college service provider like Dorm Mom to do your laundry is well worth it. It's extremely convinient and your laundry is done professionally with utmost attention paid to care tag. Each clothing material is treated differently, wash temperature, drying time and temperature; how much detergent, bleach or not, ironing, etc. Using too much detergent could ruin your clothing; drying to much or too little could shrink your clothing and cost you a lot more in the long run. At the University of Maryland, students have their laundry picked-up, done and delivered for only $168 per semester. This is a weekly service. It is a deal that cannot be beat.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dorm Living: A Freshman's Tale

As a freshman, I never did know how to do laundry because my mom did all my laundry while I lived at home. Going to college and having to do everything myself was quite a dauting task. At first, I let weeks and weeks of laundry pile up and it becomes nasty and had to drag myself to the laundry room down the hall. It took forever to get them washed and dried.

The worst part of doing my laundry is folding after it's done. I made a big mistake the first couple of times doing my laundry by waiting for hours and sometimes days before folding freshly cleaned laundry. The result was walking around campus in wrinkled shirts and looking like a retard. I was told to fold them right after it comes out of the dryer. This worked really well but was really tiring. I decided to hang them instead and it has nearly the same wrinkle resistant look if straightened and hung after taking them out of the dryer.

With my busy schedule and total lack of interest in sitting in the laundry room waiting for the laundry to get done and then folding or hanging them, I opted to use a laundry service to help save me time. Based on what I do and the business interests I have, an hour of my time is worth about $30. I spend about 3 hours doing laundry - that's $90 i could have made while writing a software as a free lance developer for an off-shore company. Dorm Mom laundry services cost about $19 per week. They come on campus to pick-up the laundry and return it within 48 hours, neatly folded, ironed and looking sharp. I am saving so much money and I look so much better in my clothing everytime I go to class. All I do is put my dirty laundry in the bag I was sent and they pick-up and have it done. I think this service is awesome and everyone that values their time should be using it. Thank you Dorm Mom!!!