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Dorm Living: A Freshman's Tale

As a freshman, I never did know how to do laundry because my mom did all my laundry while I lived at home. Going to college and having to do everything myself was quite a dauting task. At first, I let weeks and weeks of laundry pile up and it becomes nasty and had to drag myself to the laundry room down the hall. It took forever to get them washed and dried.

The worst part of doing my laundry is folding after it's done. I made a big mistake the first couple of times doing my laundry by waiting for hours and sometimes days before folding freshly cleaned laundry. The result was walking around campus in wrinkled shirts and looking like a retard. I was told to fold them right after it comes out of the dryer. This worked really well but was really tiring. I decided to hang them instead and it has nearly the same wrinkle resistant look if straightened and hung after taking them out of the dryer.

With my busy schedule and total lack of interest in sitting in the laundry room waiting for t…