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Another Reason Dorm Mom Comes in Handy

The Cycle Never Ends
UB students are frustrated over the campus’ many laundry issues. Read more at following link

iPad App: Handbook for US Colleges and Universities

Now released, a College Guide for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch with information on over 3000 US Colleges and Universities including Trade Schools and Community Colleges.

This application is for anyone across the world looking to enroll in a college or university in the United States. Foreign students, high school students, current college students looking to transfer, parents, the working professional looking to go to grad school will find this application very useful.

All information are 100% authentic from the US Department of Education. Some things you could do with the application include:

- Searching for colleges by zipcode, city, state and distance.
- View colleges around your current geographic location
- View details about the top 100 colleges in different categories and the best graduate schools, undergraduate colleges for different majors, community colleges and trade schools.

Includes over 3000 colleges and virtually any college in the United States can be found using this app…

Five (5) Good Reasons Students Should Use Dorm Mom Laundry Services

Daughter or Son Going to College in Fall 2011?

Free Cleaning Service for Fraternities and Sororities

Get Free Laundry Service this Fall Semester