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Need Three or More Extra Hours a Week? Dorm Mom Laundry Service Will Help

Son or Daughter going to College – Get Up to 50% Off Dorm Mom College Laundry Service

Students can take advantage of one of our biggest deals ever by signing up for Fall Semester Laundry Services NOW to get up to 50% Off. Students who sign-up for Dorm Mom laundry services by June 30th, 2012 will receive a 10% discount.They can save an additional 5% if they become a fan of Dorm Mom on Facebook and 35% if they refer 10 of their friends who sign up for Dorm Mom laundry services for the Fall Semester. 

The coupon code JUNE30 will save 10% on our already low prices.

Dorm Mom laundry service continues to help keep student stay fresh and clean at all times without hassle or time consumption. Our laundry service is very flexible and is able to meet every student laundry needs with various laundry plans. 
The biggest upside is that students who use Dorm Mom laundry services perform better in school because they have more time to study, play and relax. The service is available on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis or on as needed basis. The semester plan is especially recommen…

Want Better Grades in College? Get Dorm Mom College Laundry Services

You have finally graduated high school and headed to college. What a sigh of relief. You’re feeling very good and prepared for college because you have taken lots of advance placement (AP) courses to help make college easier. Yes, it will help, but only for the first few weeks. Most semester courses taken in high school are covered in just three weeks or less. And you thought your AP classes were hard? Imagine having to cover the materials in your high school AP classes in just three weeks, worry about laundry services and other chores. This is what most freshmen students are face with. And yes, you will have to do your own laundry because Mom will not be on campus to do your laundry and other chores. This makes college even more daunting for first year students. There are so much to get accustom to.
However, with that being said, there is good news. Dorm Mom ( laundry services will lighten students non-academic burden so they can concentrate on what matters most.

Professionally Get Your Laundry Done on Your Time - Dorm Mom Laundry Services

Dorm Mom ( provides laundry services to students on their time, at their location, and most importantly at their wishes or desire – hand wash, hang to dry, detergent preferences, ironing, dry cleaning, etc.
The laundry services has enable students all over the United States to do better in school by helping to provide more time for study and play. Dorm Mom is available 7 days a week to pickup student dirty laundry, have it washed, dried, neatly folded and right back at their door step in 48 hours or less. 
In order to sign-up or find out more information about Dorm Mom laundry services, please visit Dorm Mom website at or call toll free at 1-877-478-5332 and let Dorm Mom make the transition to college a breeze.

Dorm Mom is the Best College Laundry Service Available…

Dorm Mom laundry services is second to none. Dorm Mom provides weekly laundry services to college students across the United States. The services is door to door – yes, Dorm Mom will pick up your laundry right at your door. The laundry bag and pick-up and delivery are free.
Dorm Mom signature line of laundry services includes ironing, hang to dry, delicate item handling and hand wash options. Dry cleaning is also available upon request. Students have the ability to select their own detergent. Most importantly, Dorm Mom considers the fact that students are busy with school work, extra-curricular activities and other commitments, so Dorm Mom coordinate pickup times that fits right into the student schedule.
Please visit Dorm Mom at or call toll free at 1-877-478-5332 to sign-up or find out more information.


Dorm Mom provides weekly laundry services to college students all over the United States. Students find these services very convenient and affordable. They like the fact that Dorm Mom will pick up their laundry at their residence on or off campus, have it washed, dried, neatly folded and return within 48 hour or less.
Students at University of Michigan, University of Maryland, Cornell University, University of Kentucky, Binghamton University, Ithaca College, Stanford University, Tulane University, Boston College, University of Oregon, University of Chicago, Rutgers University, University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Miami, Villanova University, Georgetown University, Bucknell University and many more are joyfully using Dorm Mom Laundry Services. These students say they have at least three to five more hours a week to study or do whatever is of interest. Most of them saw improvements in their grades as a result of having more time to study and relax.
Dorm M…

Weekly Laundry Service at University of Denver – Dorm Mom Laundry Services

Need College Laundry Services? Visit Dorm Mom to Find Out More…