Dorm Mom College Apartment Cleaning Service

Dorm Mom apartment cleaning service is a full service professional maid service offering standard and deep cleaning services. Our professional cleaning service is available to students living in the dorms, off-campus housing, fraternities, sororities and university apartments. Dorm Mom offers cleaning plans to suit every student’s cleaning needs or requirement. The service is available on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly basis or on as needed.

Dorm Mom cleaning professionals pride themselves in consistently creating a clean, healthy living and study environment for students. We bring together the best people, most effective method, highest quality supplies and the latest equipment to deliver the highest quality, reliability and excellence in cleaning service. Our cleaning service is satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not happy after we've cleaned, we will clean until you’re satisfied.

We use a 21 points cleaning checklist to leave students living spaces sparkling clean.

Dorm Mom offers two cleaning options based on the intensity of cleaning desired – standard cleaning and deep cleaning. The standard cleaning option is our normal regular cleaning service. Dorm Mom follows the 21-points cleaning checklist above that ensures a thorough clean every time. This cleaning service only applies to surfaces, so Dorm Mom will not clean the inside of cabinets or appliances such as refrigerator and microwave. The deep cleaning option is our premium cleaning option. Dorm Mom follows the 21-points cleaning checklist used for standard cleaning plus the inside of cabinets and appliances such as refrigerator and microwave.   

Dorm Mom provides all the material necessary to assure the specified cleaning services required by the student are met. Dorm Mom also provides all cleaning supplies inclusive of, but not limited to cleaning gloves, sponges, brushes, cleaning agents, disinfectants, etc.We furnish and maintain all necessary cleaning equipment including, but not limited to vacuums, brooms, wringer, mop buckets, and maid carts.

If your son or daughter is going to college this Fall Semester, they will need to add Dorm Mom apartment cleaning service to their list of “To Do,” upon arrival on campus. Dorm Mom will be on standby to make sure their living and study environment is clean throughout the semester.

The service is available on a weekly, bi-weekly, or as needed basis.  In order to sign-up or find out more information about Dorm Mom laundry services, please visit Dorm Mom website at or call toll free at 1-877-478-5332.


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