Dorm Mom College Laundry Service

Dorm Mom laundry service is a professional wash, dry and fold service for students, faculty and other busy professionals who do not have much time to do their laundry or simply want their laundry professional done. The service is available to all colleges and universities in the United States. We provide door-to-door, free pick-up and delivery for on campus and off-campus residents seven days a week. The service is very flexible and is tailored to work with the student busy schedule be it academic, sporting, or events.

Here is how the service works and what’s included:

Dorm Mom will come to your dorm, apartment or home to pick-up your laundry on an agreed schedule and have it washed, dried, neatly folded and returned within 48 hours. The service is available on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. There is also a trial service available for those that wish to try the service before making a commitment. However, our laundry service is satisfaction guaranteed. If at any point, you decide you don’t want or need the service, we will refund the unused portion of your fees back to you. The laundry service includes:

a.      Wash, Dry & Fold Laundry: Items picked up will be machine-washed, tumble-dried (optionally air-dried at an additional charge) and neatly folded. The items will be shrink-wrapped and delivered back to the student. As part of the wash, dry and fold service, students can request, at an additional cost, the following  services:

1.     Hand Wash: requested items will be hand-washed. Due to the additional charge, clothing items labeled “hand-wash only” will only be hand-washed if the student is notified. The student could change their preferences on how such items are handled.

2.     Air Drying: Requested items will be placed on a clothing rack to dry. Items that may shrink due to machine-drying will be dried on low heat or hung out to dry.

3.     Ironing: Requested items will be ironed.

4.     Detergent Selection: The student is able to specify the type of detergent (scented or unscented) and even the brand of detergent, like Tide™, to be used when their laundry is being washed. We use scented detergent by default. Organic detergents are also an option that can be selected.

5.     Special Care Tagging: Printed from our website, more customizable options are available per clothing item if the student wishes. The cost of accomplishing each requested care depends on the request and is agreed upon before the service is provided.

Dry Cleaning: Dorm Mom dry cleaning service is available upon request or can be pre-ordered.  Dry cleaning is not subscription based. Dorm Mom allows the use of the dry cleaning service without ordering our signature laundry service. We provide the students dry cleaning bags and free pickup and delivery.

Now that you know how the service works and what is included, here are three easy steps to signing up for the laundry service and getting it scheduled.

1. Account Setup: Students will use Dorm Mom secure web interface to setup a laundry account and sign-up for laundry services. After creating an account on Dorm Mom’s website, students are able to select a laundry plan and make a payment for service. Dorm Mom also takes orders over the phone with our unparalleled 24 hour customer service.

2. Sign-Up Process: After creating an account, students are able to select a laundry plan. Students have four (4) choices on poundage selection depending on the amount of laundry they will generate each week. The options are light load (up to 10 lbs), normal load (up to 15 lbs), medium load (up to 20 lbs.) and heavy load (up to 25 lbs). Depending on poundage selection, we will provide a laundry bag that corresponds to the selection

3. Scheduling: Upon completion of the sign-up process and after payment is made, students will be able to provide days and times they are available for pickup and delivery. When this schedule is provided, Dorm Mom selects the best day and time for pickup and delivery. We will use the times provided for pick-up and delivery. Students can request 24 hour turn-around time as well for no additional fee.

For more information, please visit Dorm Mom at or call us toll free at 1-877-478-5332 to sign-up or find out more information.


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