Dorm Mom Laundry Services available in Coral Gables, Berkeley, College Park, Ithaca, Stanford, New York City, Tallahassee, Lafayette, etc…

Dorm Mom is providing affordable door-to-door professional laundry services to colleges and universities across the United States for the fall semester. We offer free pick-up and delivery to all dorms and off-campus residences. We accommodate and work with the student individual schedule knowing the dynamics of college life – with so many changes and unpredictability. Our laundry service is satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

Let Dorm Mom take care of your laundry needs, so you can concentrate on more of the important things life has to offer – like study, workout, school activities, etc. Having Dorm Mom do your laundry professional will not only save you time, but will keep your favorite shirt, pants, or blouse looking new for a long time.

The service is available on a weekly, bi-weekly, or as needed.  In order to sign-up or find out more information about Dorm Mom laundry services, please visit Dorm Mom website at or call toll free at 1-877-478-5332.


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