Five (5) Good Reasons Students Should Use Dorm Mom Laundry Services

Students all over the United States are using Dorm Mom laundry services for many good reasons, but here are more reasons students should use these services.

  1. Students who use Dorm Mom laundry services perform better in school because they have more time to study, play and relax.The first year of College is the most difficult or challenging for new students because they are introduced to new environments, have to get adjusted to classes, juggle school and work, etc. This can become very stressful and leads to high dropout rate among College studentsDorm Mom laundry services will definitely help to keep new students in school by alleviating non-academic burden.
  2. Dorm Mom laundry services helps keep student stay fresh and clean at all times without hassle or time consumption. Dorm Mom laundry service is very flexible and is able to meet every student laundry needs with various laundry plans.
  3.  Dorm Mom laundry services enable students to inhabit a clean living and study environment by keeping their room or apartment free of dirty laundry smell. Students tend to spread dirty laundry all over their living space as they piled up.
  4.  Dorm Mom professional laundry services save students money in the long run by keeping their clothes looking new for as long as possible. Taking proper care of clothing helps keep them looking new and prevents student from having to purchase new clothes because their clothes looks old due to improper care.
  5.  Student all over the United States use Dorm Mom laundry services and they find it great. All students should use Dorm Mom laundry services, especially during their first year of college. This will help make the transition from high school to college much easier.

Dorm Mom laundry service is a professional wash, dry and fold service for students, faculty and busy professionals. We would pick-up laundry on an agreed schedule and have it done and returned within 48 hours. Dry cleaning is available upon request or can be pre-ordered.

The service is available on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis or on as needed basis. The semester plan is especially recommended for students where laundry is picked up and done once a week for the entire semester. This includes free pick-up and delivery.

Please visit Dorm Mom at or call us toll free at 1-877-478-5332 to sign-up or find out more information.


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